Rakesh Ramauthar

Finance Manager

Having decided to follow a career in finance and accounting I began my audit articles and was offered Audit Trainee (Articles) at a company called Fordham & Oshry where I completed my studies, articles and then stayed on as an accountant for an additional year.

I was then headhunted, by JR Hollis and Co. to join them as an audit manager where I stayed for a couple of years. I quickly realised that I would become bored of an audit environment and so decided to change my career path and enter into the corporate world.
Joining DHL Supply Chain as a Financial Accountant was the first step into the corporate environment which I found stimulating and very informative. 
My next move was to the Argent Steel Group, as a Financial Manager, where I added to my wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry.
My next challenge was the Software and IT industry, which would most certainly add an integral part of my career as a Financial Manager when I joined AIGS which is a successful software distributor and retailer of Progress software and Yellowfin BI Software in current and emerging companies in South Africa and Sub-Saharan African regions.
My ultimate goal has now been set to achieve my MBA, which may allow me to be successful in my future growth from this company, as the potential here is limitless.

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