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Rapid Application Development (RAD) Productivity Platform

Rollbase is the platform to use when you have a need for satellite applications, this low-code no-code environment has quick time to market capabilities and will assist you with those business requirements that does not need to be embedded within your current master systems environment.

It can provide the flexibility your stable, trusted but brittle systems of record (SORs) require to create a more responsive and agile application development environment.

Rollbase, part of Progress Pacific Platform as a Service (PaaS), provides a cloud-based automation layer that allows you to obtain information from customers from their mobile devices, laptops and transaction databases so you can analyze and anticipate their needs while enhancing their experience through an interconnected infrastructure.

Doing so enables you to fully leverage your current systems of transactions and lets you cost-effectively set the stage for continuous innovation and competitive differentiation.

Top Reasons to Choose Rollbase

Build SaaS-based business apps in days, not months

Create working apps without coding using “drag-and-drop” development. Take them to the next level with JavaScript, APIs and custom components.

Responsive UI with built-in themes

Deliver applications across a range of devices with a familiar look & feel such as Office, SharePoint, SAP, etc. Or build your own custom themes using KendoUI.

Deploy apps on any cloud or on-premise

Deploy apps with a few clicks on Public, Private or Hybrid clouds, or deliver them on-premise, without any changes.

Go mobile quickly and easily

Gain seamless access to Rollbase data from any mobile app and device with our mobile app development platform, Telerik Platform.

Access any data in any existing legacy system

Access and analyze data from SAP, Oracle, SharePoint or any other on premise applications and data bases to provide users with new business insights.

Leverage a true multitenant architecture

Deploy apps across multiple tenants without any special coding “tricks” to keep users separated and data secure.

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