RUBiQ Business Intelligence Reporting Launch


BI remains one of the top priority issues for CIOs and investment in BI technologies continues to grow in a rapidly changing IT landscape. We live in a world where we have access to information 24/7/365 at the touch of our fingertips

Unfortunately as we struggle with terms such as BI, Big Data, information integration, cloud-based data warehousing etc., we still are influenced by information that is presented for management review that is based on opinion, manipulation, loss of relevance due to being out of date, and various other challenges.

Join us for a workshop that will offer practical solutions in overcoming some key challenges to improving access to intelligent information. Gustav Piater, Sales and Marketing Director at Yellowfin, will provide an insightful take on the current BI challenges companies face in the 21st century, while BizTech will introduce the latest offering in its GRC RUBiQ Toolset, RUBiQ BI, in support of real world solutions to serious BI challenges.

DATE – 22 September 2015
TIME – 07h30 – Registration and light breakfast | 08h30 - 11h30 – Presentation
VENUE – Microsoft Bryanston Office, 3012 William Nicol Drive, Bryanston
INFO – Danielle Bakkes / 011 465 4822

Many of the benefits realised as a result of BI initiatives are non-financial and often intangible. These include elements such as timely delivery of information and improved product or service quality. While these should lead to financial, measurable benefits, a time lag may make measurement difficult, or lead to ineffective analysis of the data presented, and thus fail to provide the right perspective on the value of well-structured BI that is relevant and meaningful at the right levels.

“Management needs real time knowledge
to drive informed decision making in a high speed world.”

RUBiQ BI reporting aims to provide a series of dashboards and automated intelligent reporting, that supplies management with knowledge to review and make informed decisions for improvement / change and correction of the organisation at any relevant level needed, without lags, inaccuracies and opinions. Through the integration of the power of the Yellowfin BI reporting capability embedded within the BizTech RUBiQ GRC Cloud solution, we are able to put powerful decision making information into the hands of the right people at the right time.

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