The key trends that I think will dominate the BI industry in 2018


These trends are being driven by several factors including the huge investments that have been made in AI, governance issues that have been associated with desktop analytic products, the increasing push toward enterprise products and the growing demand to leverage big data in all industries.

These are all big factors that are creating a push towards more innovation in the sector and, in some cases, a slight feeling of deja vu

01. Augmented analytics packaged up as AI will make us smarter

Recently, huge investments have been made in artificial intelligence (AI). A lot of funding has gone into this space and it's now starting to trickle through, but it will soon become a flood. As result, in the coming years we will see a lot of augmented analytics and smart data discovery in particular – from the data preparation level all the way through to analysis and data science.

There is already a lot of heat in the market – every vendor is looking at how they can augment their own products with smart analytics. This is creating some confusion amongst customers because solutions are being packaged up and labelled as AI when it's really just artificial marketing.

Artificial marketing aside, there is a real opportunity to leverage machine learning to understand and speed up the analytical process. Many customers already have the dashboards and reports they need, but augmented analytics and smart data discovery will allow them to focus on why things are happening now and in the future.

There are many startup vendors who are doing a phenomenal job in this space. They've thought the problem through but just don't have the scale or the product sophistication to deliver an enterprise ready solution just yet.

Augmented analytics is at the top of the hype cycle right now, so it's still early days. Because the scope is also so broad – including everything from data preparation and data science to natural language search and generation – there's a lot of testing that needs to occur. Only time will tell what features will gain traction with customers, for example, is voice search really viable?

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